Help Us Restore the Ridge for #GiveNOLA Day

The trees of Maurepas Swamp were devastated by Ida. You can help us restore this Important Bird Area!

The Maurepas Swamp Preserve consists of 700 acres we own in a part of Livingston Parish that is a haven for wildlife because of its sheer expanse of forested wetlands. The Preserve is a designated Important Bird Area by the Audubon Society, meaning it’s a vital link for millions of migratory birds. The remote location, noted for its healthy tree cover and miles upon miles of undisturbed forest, is crucial for protecting many songbird species like prothonotary warblers, northern parulas, and yellow-throated warblers. Our conservation efforts here also mean that communities have more protection from floods; water quality is enhanced; and the public has a beautiful place to bird-watch, explore, and appreciate Louisiana’s incredible nature.

The Maurepas Swamp Preserve needs our help!

During our winter fieldwork we were saddened to discover that upwards of 80% of the forested ridge (a crucial nesting and feeding habitat for birds) was decimated by Hurricane Ida’s strong winds. We’ve been working with a forester and local agencies to hatch a plan for its recovery, which will entail controlling invasive plants that have moved in, and replanting with native tree species important for birds and other wildlife.

Starting on Monday, April 18, Land Trust for Louisiana’s #GiveNOLA campaign will help us Restore the Ridge at the Maurepas Swamp Preserve. We need significant support to restore the site, and we are asking for your help. Every dollar matters! You can see from the picture here that the storm impacts were intense and it will take all hands on deck to make a difference.

Thank you for helping us Restore the Ridge:

To show our appreciation for your support, we want to celebrate with you on October 29 at our first ever Fall Festivus Celebration! Each $75 donation will receive one pre-sale ticket. So a $150 donation will get you two tickets, a $300 donation will get you four tickets, and so on!

Fall Festivus will take place at Pine Knoll Farm, one of our most beautiful easement properties. It will be a celebration of the successes of the last three years and all you’ve made possible through your support. We can’t wait to bring together all of our members and friends for the party!

In addition, donors will be added to our “Behind the Scenes” monthly email – a letter from our team that goes into the nitty-gritty of building partnerships, establishing easements, and the challenges and rewards of land conservation in Louisiana.

The Land Trust can’t thank you enough for being a part of our work. It is not cliché – we simply couldn’t do it without you. We are happy to answer any questions you have about Restore the Ridge, #GiveNOLA, or the Land Trust’s work in general. Our #GiveNOLA link is below, where we’ll be accepting all Restore the Ridge donations starting April 18. Or, if you are eager to give now, CLICK HERE and be sure to comment that your donation is for the Restore the Ridge campaign!

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